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At Butcher's House, dry-aged steaks and chops are center stage, but that's not all...

Our dazzling house specialties include the traditional Toulouse sausage—house-made with large-grind pork in a snappy casing, but also rustic pork pâté and duck confit.

Brought to you by a native son of Toulouse, these dishes reveal our pride and affection for our French homeland and its many regional delicacies


Our Vision

Occitane Cross

Butcher's House is a modern-day brasserie concept centered around the antique craft of butchery. Upon entry, the guest will be totally immersed in the atmosphere and ambiance of a familiar warmth in a new light through the visibility of chefs at work, beautiful cuts of meat hanging in the dry-aging room, and the perfectly seared steaks on the wood-burning grill. The passion and craftmanship behind Butcher's House will not only be translated through the food but also at the bar where you will find a selection of artisan beer on tap, and a well-focused wine selection. Butcher's House aims to share the passion and artistry of the butcher's craft with you.

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